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“It is rare to find an artist with an extraordinary yet sane blend of creative talent and ability to communicate with both strength and compassion. Lori is an amazing talent; her work is so clean, so precise, and so detailed to perfection, that she continually amazes me.” — Beth Witrogen, Executive Editor, Caviar Affair

“Now that the dust has cleared from our annual sales meeting and the True Value Market, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the great work you did on the brochure. Your collaborative effort and dedication to detail made this piece a true winner. I can’t thank you enough for your support. I look forward to developing many other sales support items with you during this fiscal year.” — Bill Delaney, Segment Marketing Manager, Hardlines & Lumber Group, Activant Solutions Inc
“Lori is a wonderful resource for our company. She is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of computer production and design, and is a very fast and efficient worker. She is very quick to grasp the scope of a project and always delivers beautiful results on time, or ahead of time.” — Sandy Biagi, Creative Operations Manager, Clif Bar & Company, Production Manger, PeopleSoft, Inc (1994-2004)
“Mayo Design was a great addition to our team at a critical point in our production schedule. We were evolving the look and feel of our employee magazine at the same time we were publishing a heart-felt issue about employees who had survived Hurricane Katrina. Lori stepped in and helped us create something really memorable.” — Christine Wigren, Internal Communications - Global Marketing, Chevron Corporation
“My experiences with Lori through the years have been nothing short of wonderful. Her creativity, professionalism, work ethic and attitude make her an invaluable part of our marketing team. She always bails me out.” — Karin Sanford, Principal, Edge Marketing
"Lori 's ability to interpret and communicate a client's message/brand through her graphic design is impressive. The qualities that stand out for me about Lori are her creativity, impeccable execution, extra care to detail, integrity and her ability to communicate well. This solid graphic designer has my enthusiastic recommendation for quality, consistent work. Very thoughtful and wonderful to work with." — Marty Silberstein, Owner, Night Owl Companion Publishing